The free movie theater for Spa Hotel guests


Movie theater with super comfort seats!

Triple kids animation session + Late session

Triple kids animation session + Late session

18:00 / 19:45 / 21:30 / 23:00 h.

Check the projections scheduled on your arrival at reception


Spa Cinema is a projection room of free and exclusive access for the clients accommodated at the Spa Hotel Ciudad de Teruel.

The screening room has a limited capacity, which is distributed among the seats already accommodated by the hotel staff. The seats are nor numbered and are assigned by strict order of arrival. You are not allowed to add more seats or displace them as they could block the already existing exits. In case of maximum occupancy, please wait for the next session or scheduled screening day.

The films projected are classified by recommended ages, which you can consult on the billboard at the cinema entrance. Take these recommendations into account when accessing a room with a minor.

It is completely prohibited the total or partial recording of the content projected, as well as the use of mobile phones and/or photo cameras before and during the film. Keep all your electronic devices turned off during the screening.

You are not allowed to access the room with food or glass bottles. In case you bring plastic beverage containers, please deposit them in the bin you will find on your departure and try to leave the cinema in the same state you found it.

Do not change the placement of any of the items of the cinema room. You should also keep an eye on your minor child.

In the event of non-compliance with any of these rules, or for any reason determined by the hotel staff, we will reserve our right to refuse your admission. The company also reserves the right to change or cancel the scheduled sessions.

Any questions you might have, please contact our reception staff 24h a day.

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